*FREE SESSIONS!* Are you looking to offer free sessions for ANY reason? Looking to refer a client to someone who is providing them? Our Directory features a *Free Session* Search option to help match practitioners and clients. Not limited at ALL to QHHT® you can offer free READINGS as an example if you are wanting to practice a new skill like mediumship or tarot. Remember to mention our Directory to all Healers and people looking for them. Thank you. https://www.quantumhealingpractitioners.com/
Our highly anticipated Public Practitioner Directory is LIVE! Please check and edit your listing for accuracy. Adding content here is VERY IMPORTANT if you are hoping to attract clients. You can add additional modalities, languages you speak, and accept and display reviews from past clients. You can upload a video and connect to all of your social media pages. Please ADD THIS URL to your own website, and in articles, blogs etc. Each time you use the URL you help yourself and other Quantum Healers be discovered. Our Directory (but not this Forum) is now also available to Practitioners of OTHER modalities, so please share the URL freely and recommend to your friends in the healing arts. Thank you.

Here is the URL to the Directory-

For more information please visit this Discussion-

For help with the Directory, please Private Message @Directory_Admin
As a reminder to our beloved members: We share session stories and summaries because they are the life blood of our forum. No sharing = no forum. If everyone just read and did not contribute we would have nothing to talk about, no reason to exist and no one would learn. Please contribute. Thank you!
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